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    MOSTRA VI – Panels and Panelists 

    Panel on Brazilian Architecture after screening of Oscar Niemeyer – The Fight is Long (A Luta é Longa)


    MONDAY Nov. 2, 2015 @ Illinois Institute of Technology

    2015 | 52 min | Documentary | Directors: Bernardo Pinheiro & José Bessa | English subtitles

    2:00pm // Screening of Short Flm: Alphaville (original title) (15 min), Dir. Paulinho Caruso

    2:15pm // Screening of Oscar Niemeyer

    3:00pm // Architecture Panel


    Edward Keegan is an architect, writer, curator, broadcaster, and educator who has used these diverse platforms as an outspoken critic and strong advocate for Chicago and its unique architectural legacy for more than a quarter of a century.

    Brad Lynch is a founding principal of Brininstool + Lynch, an award winning, design-focused architectural practice based in Chicago.

    Patricia Saldana Natke is a founding principal of UrbanWorks, an architecture, interiors, and planning firm acclaimed for producing socially significant innovative designs which have transformed areas challenged by economic distress and deeply rooted historical struggles.

    Panel on Media after screening of The Staple of News (O Mercado de Notícias)


    FRIDAY Nov. 5, 2015 @ Loyola University (Water Tower Campus)

    2014 | 94 min | Doc. | Dir. Jorge Furtado | English Subtitles

    5:30pm // Short Film: Creatio (original title) (5 min), Dir. Ramon Faria

    5:45pm // Screening of Staple of News

    7:20pm // Discussion and Q & A with Media Panel: Sergio Barreto/Chicagoano; Brian Hiegelke/Newcity; Adhemar Oliveira, Brazilian Distributor.

    About Brian Hieggelke, New City’s editor & publisher

    Brian Hieggelke is the founder and president/CEO of Newcity, a Chicago-based company operating in print, digital and social media environments. He also serves as editor and co-publisher.

    Newcity, which Hieggelke also edits, is an award-winning print and digital publication—”The Publication of Record for Chicago Culture,” founded in 1986.

    About James O’Shea
    A former editor-in chief of the Los Angeles Times and managing editor of the Chicago Tribune, James O’Shea is an author of three books and numerous magazine and newspaper stories. He was also a co-founder of The Chicago News Cooperative, an innovative news start-up that created a Chicago-based digital news site and supplied content for The New York Times.

    About Sergio Barreto

    All-around media professional with over 10 years of experience as a writer, editor, and web producer. Brazilian-born, U.S.-educated, uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the two countries and cultures. Also experienced in covering the cybersecurity, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors; local (Chicago news); arts & entertainment.

    Panel on Aging after screening of Aging (Envelhescência)


    FRIDAY Nov. 6, 2015 @ DePaul University Chicago

    2015| 84 min | Documentary | Director: Gabriel Martinez |English subtitles

     “Envelhescência” is a documentary that tells the story of five seniors from São Paulo and Santa Catarina state that reinvent themselves after their 60’s.

    4:45pm // Screening of Short Film Bliss (O Teu Sorriso) (18 min), Dir. Pedro Freire

    5:00pm // Screening of Doc. Aging

    6:30pm // Panel Discussion on Senior Citizen’s Issues Carol M. Donnally/Family Institute, NU; and director Gabriel Martinez; Jerry Witkovsky, Author of The Grandest Love


    About Carol M. Donnally/Family Institute, NU

    Dr. Donnelly is an adjunct lecturer in psychology at Northwestern University. She teaches a seminar named “Schools of Psychotherapy” that investigates the major theoretical perspectives and their views on normal, abnormal development and their therapeutic interventions within a ‘biological-psychological-social’ framework.  The seminar provides special focus to competing and controversial perspectives both between and within paradigms.  The emphasis is on Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioral (DBT), Humanistic, and Psychopharmacological approaches, with a background discussion on recent developments in Neuroscience.  In addition Dr. Donnelly is a licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University specializing in cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxiety disorders and depression, as well as relationship and women’s issues.

    About Gabriel Martinez

    After graduating from the London Film Academy in 2002, Gabriel returned to Brazil and worked as an assistant director for Carlos Manga Jr. at the Republika films until 2006, when he founded the production company Lado B Filmes. Gabriel had his directorial debut in 2014, with the documentary Envelhescência (Aging).

    About Jerry Witkovsky

    Lifelong Chicagoan Jerry Witkovsky (MSW, University of Illinois) has been a beloved mentor to thousands of individuals and generations of families, thanks to 47 years of professional leadership – 18 of them, as General Director – of Chicago’s Jewish Community Centers.

    Jerry Witkovsky, Author, The Grandest Love: Inspiring the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection

    Website:  http://www.thegrandestlove.com

    Bio: http://www.thegrandestlove.com/about-jerry-witkovsky.html

    Blog: http://www.grandestlove.wordpress.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Grandest-Love-1392880087634120/?fref=ts

    Twitter: @thegrandestlove


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    MOSTRA VI – Special Guests in Attendance 

    João Jardim – From Nov. 1 – 3

    Film director João Jardim will be in attendance during the presentation of the US Premiere  of GETÚLIO at the Opening Night Gala of MOSTRA VI at Roosevelt University on Nov. 1.  On Nov. 2 he travels to Purdue University in Indiana to comment on Getúlio and the documentary Window of the SoulOn Tuesday Nov. 3, he comes back to Chicago for a Q&A after the screening of Window of the Soul at Loyola University Chicago

    About João: Filmmaker and documentarian, João Jardim has a creative and multidisciplinary history that allows transit through various areas of audiovisual production. His works have traveled the main festivals in the world. He began his career of director co-directing the miniseries Engraçadinha, on TV Globo in 1996. In the film his first achievement was the full-length documentary WINDOW OF THE SOUL, which through precious testimony as the writer José Saramago, the filmmaker Wim Wenders and neurologist Oliver Sacks, touched people and became the eighth grossing 2002 among domestic films. His first fiction film, GETÚLIO about the last 19 days of the life of President Getulio Vargas, with Tony Ramos in the lead role, received the award for Best Actor from the Brazilian Academy of Cinema and reached over 500,000 viewers in cinemas.


    Adhemar Oliveira – From Nov. 5 – 7

    b19yoit9fbin7x0tdp4rlkul1 (1)Brazilian film distributor and director of the Espaço Itaú de Cinema, Adhemar Oliveira will speak about film negotiation, venues, demography, publicity, audience and more at Columbia College Chicago on Nov. 6. On the same day, he will give a short speak about film distribution in Brazil before the Panel on Aging after the screening of Aging at DePaul University Chicago.

    About Adhemar: After creating the Espaço Unibanco de Cinema on Augusta Street, in Sao Paulo in 1993, Adhemar began opening his own chain of movie theaters. With an Innovative spirit, he created the Arteplex concept, which combines the multiplex model with views of the alternative cinema movies and “art cinema”.


    Zezita Matos – From Nov. 4 – 7

    acc7ec6f1f7defeca15b5aedf7c617e3_XLActress Zezita Matos will be in attendance at Columbia College Chicago and The University of Chicago for a Q&A session after the screening of The History of Eternity on Nov. 4  She will  also be present at the Panel on Aging after the screening of the documentary Aging at DePaul University Chicago.

    About Zezita: An experienced actress of stage and screen, Zezita began her film career in 1965 in o Menino do Engenho. She has worked  in many critically-acclaimed films, including Cinema, Aspirinas and Urubus (2005), Baixio das Bestas (2005), and O Céu de Suely (2006) . In 2014 she starred in The History of Eternity, directed by Camilo Cavalcanti, and she shares: “For me the film was an incredible emotion, as an actress and as a human being, I feel as a worker of cinema and theater.”


    Maria Flor – From Nov. 5 – 7

    a-atriz-maria-flor-1822011-1298055123252_615x300Actress Maria Flor will be in attendance in both presentations of Ballroom at Loyola University Chicago on Nov. 5 and the Old Town School of Folk Music on Nov. 7.

    About Maria Flor: Maria Flor is a film and TV actress. Her filmography includes the features Cazuza (2004), Quase irmãos (204), and Xingu (2012). She also loaned her voice to the short A Galinha Que Burlou o Sistema, also part of MOSTRA VI’s line-up. Her international career started in the Fernando Meirelles’s film 360, starring Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz and Jude Law.


    Gabriel Martinez – From Nov. 6 – 8

    gabriel-martinezFilmmaker Gabriel Martinez will be in attendance for the Q&A after the screening of Aging at DePaul University Chicago. on Nov 5 when he will participate as a guest speaker on the Panel on Aging.

    About Gabriel: After graduating from the London Film Academy in 2002, Gabriel returned to Brazil and worked as an assistant director for Carlos Manga Jr. at the Republika films until 2006, when he founded the production company Lado B Filmes. Gabriel had his directorial debut in 2014, with the documentary Envelhescência (Aging).





    Flávio Tambellini – From Nov. 15 – 17

    flavio-tambelliniFilm producer Flávio Tambellini will be in attendance during the Closing Night Gala at Columbia College Chicago for a Q&A after the screening of Portrait of a Thief on Nov. 15. The Following day he travels to Carbondale for a Q&A  at Southern Illinois University.

    About Flávio: Founding partner of Tambellini Movies (formerly Ravine Movies), Flávio Tambellini Ramos is one of the most important producers in Brazil today. He has successfully produced national films of significant size such as the documentary A Casa de Banho de D. João, the fictions O PassageiroSegredo de Adulto and as producer: Campo Grande directed by Sandra Kogut, Portrait of a Man Mini Kerti, As Aventuras de Agamemnon of the reporter Victor Lopes, A Falta Que Nos Move by Christiane Jatahy, Slightly Out of Tune (also presented in MOSTRA VI), by Walter Lima Jr. and Mutum by Sandra Kogut (exhibited at the Festival Directors’ Fortnight Cannes), and the documentaries: Diário de Uma Busca and Pro Dia Nascer Feliz by João Jardim.


    Edu Fernandes – From Nov. 9 – 17


    ​Edu Fernandes ​will be​ commenting on MOSTRA VI’s films from Nov. 9 -17.
    Check the complete program at: http://www.mostrafilmseries.org

    About Edu:

    ​A film critic, curator and teacher of film criticism and history, Edu g​raduated in Audiovisual ​from​ the University of São Paulo. ​As a film critic, he has written for​ ​the websites Cineclick​, Preview magazine, UOL Cinema and GQ, the magazines, ​SET, Movie​,​ Rolling Stone​,​ Revista da Cidade​, and the television program on​Gazeta da Manhã.
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    MOSTRA VI – Opening Gala 


    Buy early bird tickets with discount.

    MOSTRA VI - Opening Gala

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    MOSTRA VI – List of Films 

    MOSTRA VI: Brazilian Film Series complete line up is below. For more info go to http://www.mostrafilmseries.com
    >>Check complete program by date here.


    Envelhescência (original title)

    2015| 84 min | Documentary | Director: Gabriel Martinez | English subtitles

    Envelhescência is a documentary that tells the story of five seniors from São Paulo and Santa Catarina state that reinvent themselves after their 60’s.


    Chega e Saudade (original title)

    2008| 95 min | Drama, Musical, Romance | Director: Laís Bodanzky | English subtitles

    In an old-time dance hall (a “gafieira”) in São Paulo, one evening is all it takes to meet different characters as they remember the past, live the present, wonder about the future, have fun, flirt, fight and, naturally, dance.


    Éden (original title)

    2013| 73 min | Drama | Director: Bruno Safadi | English subtitles

    Eden tells the story of Karine, a 30 year old woman, who lives in the suburbs of a big city, Rio de Janeiro. 8 months pregnant, she is in mourning for her husband, Juninho, recently murdered in a senseless attack.


    Amazônia Eterna (original title)

    2013| 88 min | Documentary | Director: Belisario Franca | English subtitles

    At a time when the world is discussing the impact of human actions on the environment, Amazônia Eterna presents a critical analysis of how the world’s largest tropical rainforest is understood and appreciated.


    Getúlio (origital title)

    2014| 101 min | Drama, History | Director: João Jardim | English subtitles

    The movie depicts the political crisis that led to the suicide of president Getúlio Vargas, in the 19 days that preceded August 24, 1954. The crisis began with the attempted assassination of journalist and politician Carlos Lacerda (Alexandre Borges) on August 5, 1954, at rua Toneleros, Rio de Janeiro, in which Major Vaz was assassinated instead.


    Brasil Orgânico (original title)

    2013 | 58 min | Documentary | Director: Kátia Klock e Lícia Brancher | English subtitles

    The video narrates initiatives and stories of people who have farming as a life ideology – from the family farmer to the large producer, the agronomist to the nutritionist, the chef to the food industry executive.


    Muitos Homens Num Só (original title)

    2015 | 90 min | Crime, Drama, History | Director: Mini Kerti | English subtitles

    A mysterious con man, a determined woman and an indefatigable detective form the dynamic triangle at the core of this compelling period drama, set at the turn of the 20th century in Rio de Janeiro.


    Ela Volta na Quinta (original title)

    2015 | 107 min | Documentary | Director: André Novais Oliveira | English subtitles

    An everyday life of a black middle-class family that is turned upside down when the marriage of the parents is threatening to break up.


    Os Desafinados (original title)

    2008 | 139 min | Drama, Musical | Director: Walter Lima Jr. | | English subtitles

    A group of friends who come of age during the political turmoil that plagued Brazil in the 1960’s and 70’s. Together, these musicians form a band called “Os Desafinados.”


    O Tempo e o Vento (original title)

    2013 | 115 min | Drama, Romance, War | Director: Jayme Monjardim | English subtitles

    The history of Brazil’s southern occupation and the Anna Terra descendants.


    A Hora e a Vez de Augusto Matraga (original title)

    2011 | 110 min | Drama | Director: Vinicius Coimbra | English subtitles

    Based on Guimarães Rosa’s (classic Brazilian author) short story, the movie tells the story of Augusto Matraga, a bankrupt and violent farmer who lives above the Law in Minas Gerais’ hinterland.


    O Mercado de Notícias (original title)

    2014 | 94 min | Documentary, Drama | Director: Jorge Furtado | English subtitles

    Discussion about journalism today in Brazil, inspired by the play “The Staple of News”


    Janela da Alma

    2001 | 73 min | Documentary | Directors: João Jardim, Walter Carvalho | English subtitles

    Nineteen people with differing degrees of visual impairment – from mild nearsightedness to total blindness – discuss how they see themselves, how they see others and how they perceive the world. Writer and Nobel laureate José Saramago, musician Hermeto Paschoal, filmmaker Wim Wenders, blind Franco-Slovenian photographer Evgen Bavcar, among others, make personal and surprising revelations about various aspects of vision.


    A História da Eternidade (original title)

    2015 | 121 min | Drama | Director: Camilo Cavalcante | English subtitles

    The History of Eternity is a synesthetic essay about love, desires and dreams. The entire narrative takes place in the same village with approximately 40 inhabitants in a desert landscape, a geographical point in northeastern Brazil with specific references in relation to time and space. A secluded place where everything happens at a measured pace.


    Oscar Niemeyer – A Luta é Longa (original title)

    2015 | 52 min | Documentary | Director: Bernardo Pinheiro Mota | English subtitles

    A new look at the history, beliefs, inspirations and work of Oscar Niemeyer in records of his later years.

    >>Check complete program by date here.

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