2nd MOSTRA of American Films in São Paulo 


The 2nd MOSTRA of American Films in São Paulo, Brazil is a program presented by Partners of the Americas Illinois – São Paulo Chapter, which will be held from March 31 – April 6, 2016.

The film series will be presenting 17 films, feature fiction and documentaries, and short fiction and documentaries, in four prestigious universities in São Paulo and at the Espaço Itaú de Cinema one of the most prestigious movie theaters in Brazil. These institutions sponsor our event due to its educational and social content, ideal for discussions with university students, teachers and the public in general.

We will fly 4 filmmakers to participate and present them to the Brazilian public in São Paulo and also to participate of discussions of your film in some of the venues.

MOSTRA Film Series is project which has the purpose to present Brazilian and American films with social contents and subjects common to Brazil as well as the United States, shown through the Brazilian and American cinematographic lens.

The great repercussion in São Paulo brought us recognition and through the sponsorship of COPA Airlines, the Illinois-São Paulo Chapter of Partners of the Americas, Ambassy of the United States in Brazil, besides several other institutions, businesses and individuals, such as Odu Brasil Design, OCARA Arquitetura Ambiental, MD Construtora, Phytoterápica and others we are able to put together this educational and cultural project.

Pictures from Closing Night