1.99 REAL Housing: Environmental Education and Social Justice 

IL-Sao Paulo Partners Chapter Board member Drea Howenstein led a group of students on a 1.99 Housing ‘expedition’ to Igarai, Brazil, summer 2011. Howenstein is on faculty and chair of hte Art Education program at the School of the Art Institute, as well as faculty in Sculpture, Visual and Critical Studies.

Thanks to fellow Board Member Kaitlin McVehil for compiling the amazing images captured by the students to document their experience, and to the students who paid for their own trips to conduct this important work.

1.99 REAL Housing is a diverse collective of people working together from several different countries to explore spontaneous design practices, optimize the intelligence of artists, designers, makers and users to effectively design creative interventions, sill share, and seek a middle ground between top-down and bottom-up systems. 

1.99 REAL Housing is a dollar store reference by Igarai residents to the “1.99 houses,” that are raw housing stock consisting of roof, slab, 4 walls on a small lot; a potent reminder to the living conditions of millions of people around the world; and the rugency of actualizing healthy and desirable living environments for families and people of all ages.

1.99 REAL Housing is an ongoing design/build project that utilizes social networking and video sharing as participatory design and collective cultural production strategy.