Co-Chairs: Ariani Friedl and Lidiane Gabeira
Arts and Culture is one of the strongest areas of exchange due to the richness of both countries in the arts. Over the years we have had numerous exchanges in the area of music, dance and art exhibits with extraordinary musicians, painters and other artists. These artists, of all ages, are also committed to youth education inspiring our next generation not only to excel as creative professionals but to have social and environmental justice expression through their art.

last day of mostra

Mostra 2010: Brazilian Films Series

Mostra 2010: Brazilian Film Series was held in October 7-10, 2010.

Latino Film Festival

Latino Film Festival

POA has always supported the Latino Film Festival and in 2009 we brought to Chicago a representative of the Instituto Vera, Fabio Cruz. Fabio is a talented film producer who initiated an exchange with Columbia College in Chicago. Guided by Ariani Friedl the film exchange with Columbia College is very promising. POA also has a strong exchange with the School of the Art Institute supported by Gregory Night and in cooperation with Drea Howenstein, Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute, who continues to encourage her students to develop art educational programs in Sao Paulo and who is also working on bringing talented SaoPaulo artists to Chicago in 2009-10.


Break Dancing


Projeto Igarai

The Global Canvas Project a.k.a. Projeto Igarai supported by Illinois-Sao Paulo Partners of the America
Several Illinois-Sao Paulo Partners of the Americas members contribute to support and fund The Global Canvas Project a.k.a. Projeto Igarai. This project is an innovative trans cultural arts collaboration linking youth from Brazil and Chicago through the internet and actual arts projects. Artist/educators, Jon D. Neumann and Isac Enriquez, from Chicago’s South Side are creating an arts project intended to link youth through creative actions that allow for a free-exchange of ideas and cultural expression.During the 2009 summer Jon and Isac are very excited to be artists-in-residence in Mococa, at Fazenda Ambiental Forteleza,  an historic coffee farm, and to be partnering with Café Igarai, a cooperative of skilled craftswomen and Grupo Tumm, a local social service organization to forge a positive social force linking two continents through the arts. In the hopes of developing arts projects that literally link youth from across the world, Neumann and Enriquez will collaborate with this team to create their first cross-cultural mural in Mococa.During the months of July and August, the artists will be conducting workshops that explore the arts of Hip Hop with local teens as a strategy to design and paint a mural in Mococa, and as a catalyst for the teens to share their interests in Hip Hop with teens in Chicago, engaging in creative dialogue about their lives, and advancing their knowledge of the world. The artists will share their passions about Chicago-style Hip Hop artists, and they will teach the teens graphic arts, calligraphy, character design, use of color and composition, various graffiti and painting techniques and break dancing.


Projeto Igarai


Projeto Igarai

Partnership with Partners of the Americas and Fazenda Ambiental Forteleza

Drea Howenstein, Associate Professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago was introduced to Illinois Sao Paulo Partners of the Americas in 2006. Since then he has travel to Brazil with her students and several who have wanted to contribute to society by working on socially responsive, humanitarian art and design projects in other countries have shown continues interest in going back to Brazil. This was the catalyst for her to create a partnership with Silvia Barretto and Marcos Croce, long time POA members and the owners of Fazenda Ambiental Forteleza, to create a very important opportunity for young art and design students to be able to experience the rich culture of Brazil and to also gain important real life professional experiences. Silvia Barreto and Marcos Croce have been most generous in their support of the development of these arts projects in Mococa, and in hosting 5 SAIC students, over the course of the last 2 summers, making this partnership possible.

Look for more updates on the exciting results of Projeto Igarai and future projects linking The School of the Art Institute with Fazenda Ambiental Forteleza and Partners of America, Sao-Paulo-Illinois.


Projeto Igarai